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 Rikatu Shadow

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Rikatu Shadow- Admin
Rikatu Shadow- Admin

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PostSubject: Rikatu Shadow   Sat Aug 09, 2008 12:49 am

Name: Rikatu Shadow

Theme song: Sadness and Sorrow -by- Toshiro Masuda

Age: 17

Appearance:Very High Build, 6'1"

Genin- Age:14-16

Current Look:Chuunin:- Age:16-18

Jounin:- Age: 18-21

Rank: Chuunin

Village: Leaf

Jutsus: 12

-Nin jutsu-
shadow ice clone-(kumori aisu kuro-n) -makes up to 3 clones out of shadow ice, it resembles the Rikatu or anyone that Rikatu can think of.

shadow ice wolf summon-(kumori aisu ookami) -summons a wolf made of ice, but it is alive.

shadow ice total freeze!(kumori aisu soukei tou) - makes anything freeze up to 25 yards away.

(With Clone Summoned) Shadow ice 2nd form- Rikatu and clone merge so Rikatu is on the inside and the clone is on the outside acting like a new skin, and the clones arms come out differently to become four separate arms to attack with.

Ice Shot- Rikatu pulls up his hands towards the enemy and shots ice shards out from his hands using and water or ice around him.

Ice Disintegration- When Rikatu freezes something he could always just melt it or let it melt, But with this jutsu he could break whatever is frozen into a million little pieces then breaking those pieces into littler pieces as if they were dust.

Burning Ice- A jutsu mainly used for torture, when surrounded by or even touching ice, this jutsu uses chakra to make the ice even colder as if it was burning them. If the jutsu uses a lot of chakra, it can even be used as a weapon.

Healing Jutsu- Can use healing at a low level like to heal small wounds or sometimes medium size wounds.

-Tai jutsu-
(shadow ice clone summoned, and sword(s) covered in ice) Ice Sword Spark Dance- Rikatu and his clone do a combo of sword slashes and stabs to the opponent and dose critical damage if hit, because the wound with slowly freezes, do to water constantly flying off the swords to look like sparks.

5- Bloodline: Shadow Ice -Can control water and ice, and makes it into a harder, stronger weapon, to use agents regular weapons. For instance... If Rikatu had a regular shuriken throne at him, his Shadow Ice shuriken would deflect it, and crack where it hit. same for kuni and etc. weapons. Rikatu can make kuni, shuriken, needles, A sword, and an ice bomb. Also can strengthen and sharpen sword by surrounding it with any liquid and freezing it with added chakra. Can also use blood for weapons and other things.

extra [b/]
shining aur

Gets water from rivers, waterfalls, ect. Always gets water from somewhere unless in the desert or something... keeps stored in frozen bands around his body. Mostly around the torso and chest, but also extends to legs and arms.


All Bio Weapons- (Ice)
Sword------------5 stars ***** (on his Back)
Elemental-------- 4 stars **** (Ice)
Exploding Tag- 2 stars** (Pouch)
Wires------- ----- 2 stars ** (Pouch)
Short Sword-------4 stars**** (right side of Waist)

Bio: Rikatu and shinaru are being transfered to the leaf village for... reasons untold... but the hokage insisted that they come to the leaf village under great watch, so the hokage sends 5 Black-Ops to watch over them untill trusted. Rikatu didn't mind being watched. He even asked one of the black ops to spare with him, when the black op was looking for him so he could watch him! kinda startled him... especially when he found out he could control ice and water...(lol)

Anyway, now for the sad part... Shinaru was older and better at things then Rikatu, But Rikatu was better at the Family bloodline. Shinaru was ranked up the Chunnin the year she came to the village, and started off for the Jonnin Exams in the village in the mist the year later... but never came back.... Rikatu's whole life is devoted to the finding of his older sister, even thou he might find something he might not like.


Missions from the leaf village:

A: 2
B: 5
C: 16
D: 21
S: 0

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rsmrules05- Admin
rsmrules05- Admin

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PostSubject: file approved   Sat Aug 09, 2008 12:57 am

File approved welcome to WON
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Rikatu Shadow- Admin
Rikatu Shadow- Admin

Posts : 104
Join date : 2008-08-03
Location : EVEYWHERE

PostSubject: Rikatu Shadow   Mon Aug 25, 2008 5:04 pm

Rikatu Shadow

Rikatu in a Snow Village outfit.

Anbu Rikatu
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PostSubject: Re: Rikatu Shadow   

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Rikatu Shadow
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