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 All The Ranks

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PostSubject: All The Ranks   All The Ranks I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 03, 2008 8:40 pm

The level of one’s strength is determined primarily by their rank. Rank, meaning how fast, strong and stealthy they are as well has how many weapons and jutsus they can hold. A member will start off at genin rank, and then can compete in special exams (which are held every few months) in order to increase their rank.

Each jutsu is a move (as you probably already know). A bloodline costs 5 jutsus, not counting special jutsus reserved for that bloodline. Only it’s basic abilities are included in the 5 jutsu cost. Each new bloodline level has a 1 slot cost (more slots for larger advancements in the bloodline). Members also have ‘stars’ which are limited by their rank as well. These stars can be used however the user wants in order to buy weapons. For example, the ability to use kunais in battle is 1 star (this doesn’t mean 1 kunai costs 1 star, by paying 1 star your basically granted access to a reasonable supply of kunais. To throw 20 kunais every post would be considered a godmod).

1- Genins have 10 jutsus and 10 stars

2- Chuunins have 17 jutsus and 17 stars.

3- Elite Chuunins have 18 jutsus and 19 stars. Optional rank - Only for those selected

4- Jounins have 25 jutsus and 30 stars.


5- Elite Jounins have 30 jutsus and 40 stars.

5.5- ANBU's have 28 jutsus and 45 stars.


6- S Rank have 35 jutsus and 50 stars.

6.5- ANBU Squad Captains 33 have jutsus and 55 stars


7- Kages have 40 jutsus and 60 stars

Two Paths:
Each ninja can pick from two options as they continue to rank up. These two paths are as as follows:

Option 1:
Genin to Chuunin to Jounin to EJ to S rank

Option 2:
Genin to Chuunin to Jounin to ANBU to ANBU Squad Captain
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All The Ranks
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