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 Enzeru Yami

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PostSubject: Enzeru Yami   Enzeru Yami I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 09, 2008 5:24 am

Name: Enzeru Yami

Alias: Angel of Darkness

Age: 16

Rank: Genin

Appearence: Yami has hair that is black with blonde highlights. It is rather long, reaching his shoulders, but he usually keeps it in a messy ponytail. His eyes are a very deep blue. His eyes contain small specks of blood red. He usually wears a dark green t-shirt with a polar jacket over top. He also wears a pair of denim jeans that have holes and other things from when he trains. He also wears a ring that keeps his bloodline in check.
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 146 lbs.
Enzeru Yami E5ef65

Village: Sand

Exploding Tag------------**
Sword~Shikyo Narabi---*****

Kenzan Myaku
This bloodline translates to Seeing Pulse. It allows both Yami to be able to see his surroundings, and it helps him fight against enemies. The bloodline constantly creates pulses that radiate from Yami's body. The pulses are undedectable unless enough chakra is put into them. The pulses then bounce off of objects, travelling back to Yami. By calculating how long the pulse took, he is able to determine how far away something is. The ring he wears makes sure he doesn't go over his chakra limit when using his bloodline. Since it is constantly working, it doesn't use any chakra, but when he wants to use the pulses as weapons, he has to use chakra. By putting enough chakra into the pulses, he is able to create airwaves you could say. The pulses turn into waves of air that are shot at the opponent. Only during this time can the opponent see the waves.
Genin: The pulses are normal and when Yami puts enough chakra into the pulses, he can only do enough damage to push the enemy back about 5 feet.

Ankoku Renda(Darkness Barrage): Yami does 5 hand signs and opens his mouth. A blast of darkness shoots out of his mouth and creates a dome around the two combatants about 50 feet in diameter. This jutsu doesn't cause any harm, but only Yami is able to see, using his bloodline trait.

Ankoku Shuuha(Darkness Wave): Yami swings his arms at the opponent, creating a wave of complete darkness. The wave then launches itself at the opponent. It moves pretty fast, but not really. When the wave reaches the opponent it will latch onto him/her and tightly grab onto them. They will be paralyzed for two posts, when the darkness releases itself.

Parusu Inmetsu(Pulse Destruction): This ninjutsu allows Yami to send out extremely powerful pulses that actually stick to the opponent. After about 10 or so pulses, Yami concentrates and blows up the pulses that are stuck to the opponent and to the things around the opponent. The explosion is minor, 4 times weaker than an exploding tag. But the explosion can cause 1st degree - 2nd degree burns.

Sumizome Yaiba(Dark Blade): Yami does 3 hand signs and opens his mouth. Darkness bellows out, which Yami transforms into a sword. It is completely black and as sharp as any other blade. The only difference is, the longer the blade is active, the more chakra Yami has to use.

Tenkuu Bakuha(Air Blast): Yami puts his palms together and whispers a few incantations. He then faces his palms towards the opponent and let's go a huge blast of air from his hand. The blast is actually an extremely powerful pulse that is pushing air, making it seem like it is an air blast. The blast is 11.5 feet in diameter, making it almost impossible to dodge.


Yami grew a normal kid. He had normal parents that treated him normal. He had normal friends. The only thing not normal about his was his eyes. He was born blind. When he was born his eyes were such a deep blue, the doctor actually got lost in his eyes and cried. The red specks seemed to show up right after a big fight Yami had got into. He had gotten hit by a bully who made fun of his blindness. Yami quickly killed him. Ever since then, 7 years ago, Yami hadn't had the best luck in life. Everyone started hating him. He even started to hate himself. When he graduated he didn't go on any missions. He didn't even get a sensei. He was all alone. His parents tried to help him with his depression, but none of it would work. Now all Yami wants to do is become a powerful ninja, disregarding his blindness. His main goal is to become Kazekage.

Become Chuunin: Not Completed
Become Jounin: Not Completed
Go on First Mission: Not Completed
Get a Sensei: Ongoing
Become a Sensei: Not Completed
Master Bloodline: Ongoing
Make Many Friends: Ongoing


S-Rank: 0
A-Rank: 0
B-Rank: 0
C-Rank: 0
D-Rank: 0

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PostSubject: post prob   Enzeru Yami I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 09, 2008 5:40 am

Ankoku Renda(Darkness Barrage)- 50 feet is a lot, 25 feet in every direction. if you keep this jutsu, mind you it will cost a lot of chakra to use it.

Parusu Inmetsu(Pulse Destruction)- 15 is a lot for a gennin, ill accept 10-12 And note that the enemy can/will try to dodge them.

Tenkuu Bakuha(Air Blast)- ok, this is fine but just for further notice, if the opponent dose something AMAZING then dodges it i would be amazed, but he would still dodge it.

other then that

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Enzeru Yami
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