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 all the weapons

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PostSubject: all the weapons   all the weapons I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 03, 2008 8:42 pm


Here are list of various weapons available to you, as well as their costs. (if you want a weapon which isn’t on the list or you don’t know what one of these weapons are, feel free to ask about it).

Weights------------------- NOT ALLOWED (these have been abused before, so sadly nobody can use weights)
Chuunin/Jounin vest---FREE (a symbol of one’s rank, it does little more than hold scrolls and symbolize rank, it does not act as armor) this can only be worn by a chuunin or jounin

Kunai------------ 1 star *
Shuriken-------- 1 star *
Needles--------- 1 star *

Exploding Tag- 2 stars**
Wires------- ----- 2 stars **
Caltrops--------- 2 stars**
Shinobi Spikes--2 stars** (similar to needles but heavier and larger)
Bombs----------- 2 stars ** (types of bombs: smoke- releases a thick fog which cannot be seen through, tear gas- releases a gas which makes a persons eyes tear and sting for a brief time, light- releases a large burst of light which will temporarily blind everyone in the area over the next few seconds, Siren- releases an extremely high pitched noise which will sting anyone’s ears at point blank it can severely damage ear drums, Force- releases a wave of chakra which will do no damage but will forceful throw everyone away into the opposing direction sending them flying.)

Ninja claws----- 3 stars*** (these can be used to climb soft surfaces, like trees, without chakra as well a fighting)
Foot claws------- 3 stars*** (same as ninja claws but for feet, if you have both you can take 1 star off each)
Fuuma Shuriken- 3 stars*** (when buying this you automatically have two)
Knuckle busters- 3 stars*** (these are dull, but give brunt force, sharp knuckle busters are listed below)
Fan----------------- 3 stars*** (a small handheld fan which is actually sharp and can be thrown, very stealthy)
Wood staf--------- 3 stars***
Wakisashi--------- 3 stars*** (includes any type of dagger or battle knife)
Wrist blades--- 3 stars*** (short blades attached to spring loaded sheathes, often hidden in sleeves)

Knuckle blades-- 4 stars**** (knuckle busters, but instead of being like brass nuts, they are bladed)
Sai------------------ 4 stars**** (when buying these, you automatically have two)
Tiger claws------- 4 stars**** (like wolverine’s claws, if you’ve never seen these before)
Sickle w/ chain—4 stars **** (this also includes ball and chains)
Nunchaku----------4 stars**** (includes two, may add small blades to the end for 1 star)
Tonfa----------------4 stars**** (similar to a police baton)
Gauntlets-----------4 stars**** (metal gloves)
Grieves-------------4 stars**** (gauntlets for the feet, when buying both you can subtract 1 star from the total price)
Shield--------------4 stars**** (good for defending)
Hand axe----------4 stars**** (can be dual wielded, and thrown extremely accurately, when you buy two the price drops by 1)
Short Sword-------4 stars**** (in between the size of a wakisashi and a regular sword)
Cross Bow---------4 stars*** (an automatic cross bow which can fire 5 continuous shots, and has more accuracy than a bow and arrow, but it takes much longer to reload and range/strength cannot be altered as a bow can, for each additional star u can add 2 more shots to its capacity)

Sword------------5 stars ***** (these are dual wieldable if you buy two)
Large Fan------ 5 stars***** (a large fan used to aid in wind attacks, like Temari uses)
Metal Staff----- 5 stars*****
Whips----------- 5 stars *****
Wrist dagger--- 5 stars***** (short blades attached to spring loaded sheathes, often hidden in sleeves, longer than a normal wrist blade, much like a dagger or short sword)

Spear------------ 6 stars****** (this also include naginata’s and pole arms, or any long handle w/ blade weapons)
Scythe----------- 6 stars******
Bow & Arrow--- 6 stars******
Nagakami------- 6 stars****** (similar to a spear but it has a shorter handle, and longer blade)
Umbrella-------- 6 stars****** (a basic umbrella, but it has many needles hidden inside allowing for a storm of needles, this attack can be used three times in battle, for each additional star added you can use this attack one more time)

Puppet----------- 7 stars******* (each additional one you buy is one star less, until you reach a cost of 4 stars)
Double sword--- 7 stars******* (a long handle wit swords at both ends)
Advanced Bow-- 7 stars*******(a bow an arrow madeof stronger material, it has better accuracy, velocity and thus more damage)
Nodachi---------- 7 stars******* (it is much longer than a katana, but cannot be dual wielded even if you have two)

Broad Sword---- 8 stars******** (like a nodachi but far thicker and therefore heavy, but extremely strong)
Hammer---------- 8 stars********
Large axe------- 8 stars******** (similar to a hammer)

Armor------------ 9 stars********* (Greatly reduces damage. Single limb or helmet costs 2 stars each, buying just the chest is 3 stars )
Link sword----- 9 stars ********* (a sword made of sectioned blades, when in normal state it acts like a normal sword, but when needed, the links expand making for a sort of bladed whip)

items: (these are treated as weapons, even though all of them either do not take a direct effect on the enemy or user, or do not deal actual damage
Small Bio foam---3stars*** a small canister of bio foam, the user places the tip in their wound and pulls the trigger making the foam spray into their wound they instantly harden. Stopping bloodloss almost instantly. However if that spot is hit again to hard it may rip open the bio foam and start the bleeding again (hardened bio foam is about as strong as human skin, but it dissolves after about twelve hours). A small biofoam can can be used for for one moderate wound or a few small wounds (it can be used on large wounds but won't compeltely stop bleeding, but it will help a lot).

Large Bio Foam----5 stars***** a large canister of bio foam, it is the same as the small canister, except it can be used for one large wound, a few medium wounds or several small ones.

[note: biofoam takes a second or so to actually expel from the canister and dry, making you vulnerable during this time frame, if you don't have cover or are hiding you will be an easy target]

booster pills----3 stars*** These are a type of soldier pill which give the user a boost in chakra by 25% of their CURRENT chakra, however they will tire out 30% faster. The user can eat several pills, and the effects stack, meaning the second pill will be 25% of the already boosted chakra, and endurance will decrease to a total of 60%. After four pills are consumed it is treated as a trump and the user will only have a limited amount of posts to continue fighting (this time frame will be determined by a mod, depending on how fatigued the user already was before hand, although it will probably range between 3 and 5 posts).

Night Vision Visor----4 stars**** a small single eyes visor which allows sight in dark areas, it only fits over one eyes, meaning the other must remain closed, thereby halfing the line of sight. However it can allow the user to see very well even in absolute darkness. It also has a slight zooming feature, when the user clicks a small button on the scope they they toggle between 1x vision (regular sight), 1.5x vision (slightly zoomed in), and 2x vision (double zoomed in). please note that the further zoomed in you are the smaller and smaller your periferal vision gets.

Weapon Augmentations

Weapon augmentations are an alternate form to powering up your arsenal without just using your stars for more and more weapons. If you find that you have all the weapons you need, and would rather focus on making these stronger than simply buying a massive arsenal of weapons then augmentations is your answer. Augmentations cost stars (or in some cases jutsus as well) and will make any weapon you want more powerful in a certain way.

(certain augmentations can only be applied to certain weapons, such as an augmentation that applies to blades can be used on a staff for hammer. And remember, weapons that come in large amounts like kunais and shurikens are still weapons, and as such they can still be augmented)

Sharpening---- 3 stars ** (this makes any given weapon far sharper than it would normally be, dealing more damage. Like sword breaker, seen below, it deals slightly more damage to other equipment, however the damage boost is only by about 5% or even less depending on what types of weapons are clashing.)

Sword Breaker---- 4 stars *** (this makes the blade of any weapon ridged at the end, similar to a steak knife, or a “sword breaker” sword, as the name implies. These don’t increase damage much but can deal excessive damage to other weapons, making them duller or even breaking them if enough damage is done. In a sense it is like sharpening, however, instead of being primarily made for doing damage to flesh and only a small armor damage boost it is the other way around. Sword breaker equipment will deal very good damage to toher equipment, but the damage increase to actual human flesh is only about 3%)

Elemental--------4 stars*** (a trait seen in the naruto anime, albeit briefly. Depending on the users natural chakra element, the weapon will take on a different effect parallel to that element. Example: a person with natural chakra of wind will get a layer of chakra around their weapon which cuts like a wind attack. A person with a fire element will have a chakra layer that burns). This requires a constant, but relatively small feed of chakra.

Less weight----- 3 stars*** (This makes any weapon lighter, heavy weapons will be lighter and easier to use, it also makes projectile weapons move much faster than normal. However equipment with this augment is about 10% less resistant to damage than normal, and is even less resistant to weapons with sword breaker and sharpening

Dense Material----- 3 stars*** (This makes an item more resistant to weapons which are augmented with sharpening or sword breaker, however these weapons are far heavier than normal, ranging from double weight (for small light weight weapons, such as hand axes or katanas) to a 50% to 75% weight increase (for heavier and larger things such as shield, armor, and broad swords). They are approximately 65% more resistant to sharpening and sword breaker than normal, a weapon with this augment CANNOT have light weight as well.

Bright Metal----3 stars*** Whenever there is light hitting the augmented weapon (which must be metal) (which is most of the time, unless it's very dark) the holder can focus some chakra into the weapon which intensifies the surfaces reflection of metal, angling most of the light in one given direction. The area hit is smaller as it's close to the surface but as distance increases so does are aof effect, unfortunaly intensity also decreases. At about about 4 feet it is most intense, it is absolutely blinding and will leave the victim unable to see, however the field of are is extremley small, starting from about one inch in diameter (right next to the blades surface), to about 2 and a half feet of diameter at the four foot distance. Between four feet and eight feet the light is less intense, however it will still nearly blind the person, but not completely, however the area is much wider making it extremely easy to get your enemy inside the light. Between 8 and 12 feet the light is far less intense, just enough to make their eyes sting, but not enough to blind them entirely, at this range is so wide as long as it's pointing generally toward the enemy they will be inside on most occasions.

V #3
#2 ---------------
#1 -------------
|weapon----| --------------
4 ft. 8 ft. 12 ft.

at #1- 1 inch width to 2.5 ft width
at #2- 2.5 ft width to 6 foot width
at #3- 6 ft wifth to 12 foot width

Extendable weapon----4 stars**** A move that allows the user to focus chakra into a weapon allowing it to extend outward toward the enemy with enough speed to consider the extension an attack in itself. This is most commonly used to make a sword or spear suddenly extend unnatural distances making a basic weapon perform a projectile, this not only catches opponents off guard but it allows for very strong projectiles with the weapon already in hand. To extend the weapon costs some chakra, however keeping at it's extended form (regardless of length) costs 1.5 times as much chakra and it's a constant cost. In extended form a weapon does not lose density, however it will get heaver and harder to hold. A moderate amount of chakra will relay the following results:
genin- about ten feet extra
chuunin- about fifteen feet extra
jounin- about twenty five feet extra
(note this is not the limit, just the usual, as usual, more chakra yields more results)
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all the weapons
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