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 Mizu Shinobi: Omoi Kei

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PostSubject: Mizu Shinobi: Omoi Kei   Mon Aug 11, 2008 12:44 am


Omoi Kei
Eye Colour:
Hair Colour:
January 12th
5ft 10 inches
175 lbs
Chakra Colour:
Neutral Good - Kei is what is considered as Neutral Good because although he is not one to follow laws down to a tee and has sometimes been found to ignore laws. He is a good individual at heart and he only wishes to protect those he cares about, but he will protect those he cares about at any cost that is necessary.

Age - 16:

Age - 19+:


Kei is a naturally protective person and his first desire is to make sure the ones he cares for do not come to harm. It is his strongest asset and also his greatest weakness, he will throw himself before those he cares for to protect him and this can often make him easy to manipulate. He is regardless of this fact an intelligent shinobi and although when he was younger he was somewhat of an asshole with this, now he has matured enough to not be.


Kei is what could be considered as a well rounded shinobi who has skill in all three aspects of the shinobi world. His Genjutsu is still his weakest shinobi art, but his strongest would be his Ninjutsu ability which his Taijutsu running very close behind him. He does not have his own supply of chakra which makes it harder for him, but has also allowed him to grow stronger in the other aspects of the shinobi arts.

Blood Line Limit:

Hateshiganai - Eternal

Kei's Kekkai Genkai relies heavily on the chakra around him in the environment, the air, around his opponent's body due to poor chakra control and in the plant life and animal life around him. He draws the chakra into his body and it enters through his Tenketsus and while it is doing this Kei's body filters the chakra and as this process happens the chakra is corrupted by his Kekkai Genkai. The end product is a chakra that is black in colour and is element less. This 'Dark Chakra' is then used for his jutsus and to power himself. However for this process to occur it requires Kei to use up his physical stamina and not chakra stamina. This is because, Kei's naturally formed chakra is well hidden and locked away deep inside him and this is the fault of his Kekkai Genkai. As Kei is constantly surrounded by the chakra of the environment, his own chakra is suppressed and Kei is unable to access it properly. Kei is theoretically capable of never running out of chakra by using his Kekkai Genkai, but the main downfall of 'Hateshiganai' is the fact that the drain the chakra requires a lot of physical effort instead of chakra.

Genin: At Genin rank Kei is able to successfully draw the chakra from the environment around him and to filter it through his body and then utilize for his jutsus. However to do this requires a fair amount of stamina and energy each time.

Chuunin: At Chuunin rank Kei is able to draw out the chakra from the Environment as he could before, but now as he has become more experienced with his Kekkai Genkai it is easier than before. Kei can also absorb a small amount of his opponent's chakra after a jutsu is used and some of his own chakra after a jutsu is used.


Kouki Kudarizaka - Final Descent

Kei will use his 'Dark Chakra' to form a bow in his hand and he will then use this for this jutsu and any potential attacks with the bow. The arrows will be formed as he pulls back on the bow and the arrows are formed from the 'Dark Chakra' Kei creates. In this jutsu Kei will pull back on the arrow once and release a volley of arrows, a magnificent volley of arrows. Anywhere between ten or twenty of these arrows are fired up into the air and soon descend down towards his enemy with near perfect aim every shot. The arrows are not only physically damaging but at this stage of his Kekkai Genkai also have damaging properties of raw energy.

- Ninjutsu

Hyakuten Dageki - Hundred Point Strike

Kei will utilize his 'Dark Chakra' to form around a hundred shards of the chakra under the ground. The shards of chakra can lay dormant under ground for however long Kei wishes or can be used instantaneously. Kei can then explode the shards out of the ground in a way similar to an explosion of a bomb. The shards explode towards the enemy as Kei activates the jutsu and depending on the formation of the shards Kei uses; this will greatly affect the strength of this jutsu. The shards explode towards his enemy at great speed as although they are deadly sharp, their overall mass is very little allowing for such a large amount to be controlled so easily.

- Ninjutsu

Cero - Zero

Kei will gather his 'Dark Chakra' into his palm and the chakra will soon start to revolve around his hand and take on a deadly form. It burns the air around it and this factor is a sign of things to come as it burns like a fire would. As Kei builds up the Cero, the more pressure in the Cero he builds the more powerful it becomes. When he releases the Cero it will tear through the air and as it strikes its enemy it will burn like fire and will also carry the physical force of a heavy impact weapon.

- Ninjutsu

Chiten Dageki - Thousand Point Strike

Trump Jutsu

Although this bares a resemblance to Hyakuten Dageki in its name, it is wholly a very different jutsu. The 'Dark Chakra' similarly to Yoroi Kage will seep out of his body, but like Kouki Kudarizaka the 'Dark Chakra' is formed into a weapon. Sprouting from the sides of Kei's body and his back, around ten pairs of arms and hands will be produced and they all attack on their own and are intended to overpower his opponent with the flurry of attacks. Kei will rush towards his enemy with his usual speed and using his fighting style of Shuuren Chiten he will then begin to punch rapidly with all his hands at his enemy and hopefully leave enough 'Dark Chakra' upon the enemy for the final stage of the jutsu. Kei will leap back from his opponent and perform a multi version of Hyakuten Dageki every hand will have a bow in it and every hand will pull back and release a flurry of one hundred arrows at his enemy while Kei keeps his hand free to control the jutsu with greater ease. The arrows will unlike in Hyakuten Dageki be enhanced by his 'Dark Chakra' acting as a thruster of sorts on the arrows. This bolts them through the air at amazing speed and force and as they home in on the 'Dark Chakra' this is how Chiten Dageki ends.

- Ninjutsu

Shinnyo - Absolute Reality

Kei will kick up dust and dirt around him and draw a small amount of chakra out of his environment. He can choose to do this jutsu with leaves, dirt, dust or anything that the world. He will instead of fully purifying his chakra which has been mixed with the environmental chakra. He allows it to be absorbed by the dirt/dust and this impure version of his chakra is very dangerous indeed. As it is inserted into dust and other such nano-particles the way that this jutsu enters the enemy's body is via any cavities such as the mouth and nasal cavities. It can also enter his enemy's body by finding its way through cuts and any other form of open contact with his enemy's blood and such. When he impure chakra enters his enemy's body though, it will head directly for specific areas of the brain. It will hinder greatly his enemy's ability to see and to hear. It is a blindness and total deafness that lasts for approximately two posts.

- Genjutsu

Gokuhi - Absolute Secrecy

Kei will use his 'Dark Chakra' to form something not too dissimilar to Yoroi Kage. Instead of casting the defense upon his skin, this jutsu makes the 'Dark Chakra' form off of his body and as a defensive shield. He can wield this shield like a conventional shield in conjunction with a weapon. Kei will most likely use this as a shield to block an attack, of any sense, elemental, impact, slicing and etc. This shield though can also be used to create a small dome shape around both Kei and his opponent. It will act to limit the area that Kei and his opponent can act in, but its primary ability is to protect himself as well as others.

- Ninjutsu

Yoroi Kage - Shadow Armour
Shadow Armour:

Kei's 'Dark Chakra' will overload as he allows all of the chakra from the environment around him to flood into his body. He is no longer selective over the chakra and as it starts to overrun his chakra system it will forcefully push its way out of his body. His skin will become covered in the 'Dark Chakra' and it will soon take on qualities like a suit of armour as it covers his entire body and gives him a defensive boost. The suit allows him to move with ease and in this state the connection Kei shows with the world can cause him to go into a somewhat berserker state. He is still able to take damage, but he cannot feel pain and he moves at a much greater pace than imaginable. His strength although not raised feels like it is due to the ferocity of his attacks. His armour will reduce the damage taken from impacts from weaponry and jutsus alike. However it is by no means a total defence, he will still feel pain and be damaged by the attacks.

- Ninjutsu

Shuuren Chiten - Convergence Site
Fighting Style:

This is Kei's fighting style and it utilizes Kei's slightly above average speed and average strength successfully. The fighting style consists mainly of kicks or all different types of nature and some smaller heavy punches. However the true point of this fighting style rests in his 'Dark Chakra'. Every time a punch or a kick connects with his enemy a miniscule amount of his 'Dark Chakra' will be left behind on his enemy. This 'Dark Chakra' is then possible to be sensed by Kei regardless of any changes to the environment or his status. This ability to sense it transfers into his jutsus as anything affected by his 'Dark Chakra' will home to the spots of the 'Dark Chakra'. The 'Dark Chakra' only lasts for two to three posts, but every hit while in this fighting style will reset that amount of time.

- Taijutsu

Blood Line (5) + Blood Line Level Two (2) + 8 Jutsus = 15 Jutsu Slots Used

Chuunin Vest
Wire **: Right Arm
Exploding tag **: Left Wrist
Kunai *: Waist

Special Weapon:

Nodaichi *******: Back/Scroll

Kairei - This sword at one point belonged to his father and as such once Kei became a shinobi, his father had entrusted him with this blade. He had however locked it with chakra so that Kei could not utilize the blade until he was deemed strong enough by the blade. Now Kei is actually able to use the blade, but its true abilities and qualities are still somewhat hidden inside the blade's metal.

5 stars free


He has achieved the rank of Genin easily and was touted to do great things in the future. He still every night though, returns to his home which now was run down and slowly degrading further. He would return and sit by himself until the new dawn broke once again.

Fights (Based on a Win-Loss-(Draw) Scale)

Total: 0-0-(0)


To stop the suffering around him (Ongoing)
To ensure the safety of his friends (Ongoing)
To get promoted to Chuunin (Most Pressing Goal)
To learn to fully utilise his Blood Line (Ongoing)
To find the man that brought about the end of his parents (Ongoing)
To become strong enough to protect whoever he needs to protect (Ongoing)


D-Rank: 0
C-Rank: 0
B-Rank: 0
A-Rank: 0
S-Rank: 0

Total Missions: 0


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Mizu Shinobi: Omoi Kei
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