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 All The Info You Need

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PostSubject: All The Info You Need   All The Info You Need I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 03, 2008 8:43 pm

strait from the WON home page...

Okay, making your character for WON is relatively simple if you read all this and even easier if you ask for some help. I’ll admit sometimes reading everything gets absurdly boring, and as a result you miss a few things, hardly anyone gets a perfect profile the first time. Everyone needs a correction of some sort 4 out of 5 times. If you feel entirely over whelmed feel free to ask a mod. You can also ask another member and they will be glad to point you in the right direction, or get a mod to help you (I hope). First off, make sure none of your jutsus are implied god mods, such as a move which allows you to manipulate the enemy, or a move that does an automatic kill. Also, this isn’t mandatory but you can use the lay out below to make things easier.

Name: (duh)
Age: (duh)
Appearance and/or physical traits: (you can use a picture or simply describe their height, weight, etc attributes)
Rank: (you start off at genin if that is any tip)
Village: (choose a village, Sound is usually for typical bad guys, Sand for less evil bad guys, and Cloud/Leaf for any good guy)

Jutsus: (list and describe your jutsus here, at genin level you can have ten, a bloodline counts as 5 jutsus not counting the jutsus that may go with it)
Jutsu Names: (these are usually in both English and Japanese, a useful site to translate the words is http://www.freedict.com/onldict/jap.html)

Weapons: look in the weapons topic

Bio: (explain your characters past and personality, and whatever extra info you wish to relay. You can start with promoting from the academy or even as far back as your character's young life as a child)

Friends/goals: (duh)

Missions: (all your mission history should be recorded here)

Read the Rules?: (This is necessary in all new profiles, this is here to make sure you have Read the Rules. The phrase needed to put here is somewhere here in the rules, all you have to do is copy and paste it)

Cursed Seal, Gates and Custom Upgrade?

Yes, we have added a new feature called a custom upgrade which will work very much the same way as the Cursed Seal and Gates. Without the location limitations for the upgrades. Each upgrade will be broken down into 4 parts and they are as follows.

Weak CS <-- When Sasuke first got CS, this had less power and the marking weren't spread fully around on his body.
CS1 <-- The regular CS with the markings all over the body.
CS2 <-- CS2, as seen with the Sound 5 and Sasuke. (no spoilers)
CS2 Advanced <-- The ability to only put part of your body into the CS form.

Gates 1 & 2 <-- Muscle power usage release & Forces body past stamina limit
Gates 3 & 4<-- Increases information transfer in body/body functions resulting in body turning red & Releases oxygen intake limit
Gates 5 & 6<-- Breaks chakra release limit & Releases limit on amount of fat/proteins the intestines can digest giving you more energy
Gate 7 <-- Removes speed limit and gets rid of all waste from cells

There will be no 8th gate due to death following the one who uses it

Upgrade 1
Upgrade 2
Upgrade 3
Upgrade 4

NOTE: For the Upgrades, you will have to approach an administrator for approval.

The only means of getting any of these abilities are through events as prizes. If you do well enough and are active, you will be given this as a potential prize at the end of an event. We don't want these abilities to be spread out all over.

Now the cost for these abilities remains constant until the final level. For each level you pay 2 jutsu slots to gain these abilities and when you reach the 4th, you will pay 3.

Upgrade 1 = 2 slots
Upgrade 2 = 4 slots
Upgrade 3 = 6 slots
Upgrade 4 = 9 slots

NOTE: These amounts are not added, the total amount paid at upgrade 4 is 9 slots, not 2+4+6+9.

Each one also has a time limit, as in how long you can post while it is active.

Upgrade 1= 5 posts
Upgrade 2= 4 posts
Upgrade 3= 3 posts
Upgrade 4= 2 posts

Banned Bloodlines

Sharingan- Only a member who takes on a canon Uchiha character can have the sharingan, in which case the strengths of the bloodline are slightly lowered, and only one jutsu can be copied in each thread, this jutsu can only be used in that respective thread. (I think as of now the only Uchiha canon we can allow to be used would be Sasuke, as we can tell itachi and Madara(??Obito??) are not only members of the Akatsuki but are way too powerful. And Kakashi is far too strong as well

Akimichi- We don't know if this is a bloodline per-s but regardless, I'd say the abilities (increasing body size) will be allowed, but to certain limits, a Genin would only be capable of extending maybe two limbs at one time. and no rank will be allowed the full body mass. the butterfly thing, if added, must be a trump. the full body increase is more or less an auto kill, unless you 100% bitch it.

Kaguya- Aside from being an extinct race, the bloodline is literally unbeatable unless you're using chidori.....in which case you'd have to hit them like 3 times anyway.


Chidori- only usable by someone with sharingan...aside from being ridiculously strong

Rasengan- only a handful of people know this move, and it has to be taught with extreme training, so theres no way anyone would know it

Orochimaru's Undead Summoning- Self explanatory, nobody else would know this move, it requires a full body sacrifice and it can be used to summon the most ridiculous shit.

Tsunade's Restorative Ability- same reason at the previous.

Tsunade's super strength- I don't think a medic with enhanced strength is unfair, but it should be known that they can never truly achieve that same monstrous strength as Tsunade has.

Sexy no Jutsu/ Harem no Jutsu- I can't believe I'm actually writing this, but I've seen way to many new members try and say they have this move. easily 5 in the past 3 months. Seriously aside from not being a REAL jutsu, it's just stupid to use this in a fight.

Weights- It's more of a weapon than an actual jutsu but it should receive mention as well. We discussed implementation but as of now, weights have been deemed to be not allowed.

Yellow Flash Technique - Not allowed, it is way too powerful.

Kage Bunshin no Jutsu - Not allowed until the rank of Jounin has been reached.

Also all of those Kage Bunshin no Jutsu alternatives that are stronger than the actual Kage Bunshin but aren't actually KBnJ are not allowed. If you want a similar type of bunshin that is solid and can do damage, he can't be an exact replica. There MUST be obvious differences between the real person and their clones. Once Jounin is reached, you can use fully indistinguishable alternatives.

Genjutsu Template:

Step 1:
Name of Jutsu:

E.g. Vertigo: Deadly Dust technique

Step 2:
Start listing how the jutsu will take place. As in what actions your character must do to complete the jutsu. Whether it is hand seals, using some kind of tool (Like Tayuya of the Sound Four…she plays a flute to occupy her opponents)…Or send the chakra somewhere (like in Genjutsus that add chakra to their vocal chords.)

E.g. The user takes out a smelly powder like substance and slowly builds up chakra in their hand allowing it to flow into the dust. The dust is really only there as a distraction to the users’ opponent. The user then holds out his/her palm…and blows the powder into the air.

Step 3:
DO NOT forget to mention which sense the Genjutsu will be affecting such as; Hearing, Sight, Touch, Taste, or Smell.

E.g. After a few short minutes the user’s opponent will begin to think nothing has happened. Meanwhile the dust particles are slowly making their way towards his/her opponent. The dust slowly starts to give off an aromatic smell (e.g. whether it is a bad smell or a good one), which sends jolts up through the opponents nose and into his brain, trigging the Genjutsu. Though it is hard to escape it is not impossible to avoid or stop this Genjutsu Make sure there is always room for EVASION!

Step 4:
DO NOT forget to mention the effects of the Genjutsu and how long they will take place for.

E.g. Once in the Genjutsu the opponent will believe that he/she is eternally falling through the sky, while being attacked by birds. This Genjutsu cause their opponent to feel dizzy and sick. They will have trouble seeing straight and their motor skills will be slightly impaired for 2 posts.

For Genin your Genjutsu can last from 1-2 posts
For Chuunin your Genjutsu can last from 2-4 posts
For Jounin your Genjutsu can last 4-6

Step 5:
Also Do not forget Distance. How far away does your character have to be in order to cast the Genjutsu. If its a hearing type Genjutsu...it would depend on how loud it was...if it was small your character would have to be closer e.g. 3 - 5 feet, it is the same with smell. If the Genjutsu involves sight, then you need to keep eye contact. Therefore at max the distance would be around 10 feet away.

Step 6:
Finish it off. Like if there are any side effects or last minute statements about the jutsu you want to add in.


Read the Rules?: Touch the Sky
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All The Info You Need
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