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 Kat Kineri

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Rikatu Shadow- Admin
Rikatu Shadow- Admin

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PostSubject: Kat Kineri   Kat Kineri I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 11, 2008 3:39 am

Name: Kat Kineri

Age: 17

Kat Kineri Normal_copy_of_dahlia
She naturally has cats ears and a cat tail unless she really doesn't want them.
Rank: Chunnin

Element: water

Village: Sand

Bloodline: Kat can make her hands extend out claws to any size and shoot them or use them as weapons. She also has the ability to make herself irresistible to to A man using a farimone from her body. Her last trait of her bloodline lets her be as flexible as a cat. (well more actually, it's just an expression)

Curse Seal Level:Weak + CS1- Has the "Cat Seal" on the bottom of her rib cage below her chest. The symbols look like fangs breaking off in different directions.

1. Fury Strikes- Kat gets up close to the enemy then extends her claws as far as they will grow into the enemy and lets go of them leaving them in the enemy. If they all hit, the enemy will have 8 huge claws in there body which will do major damage and is very hard to miss because of how close she it.
2. Cat Fur- Kat makes her hand seals spikes 3 inches long come out of back of her body such as back, fore arms, thighs, cafes, neck, head, like a suit of armor but not in the front.
3. Cats Eyes- Kat closes her eyes, dose one hand sign and opens her eyes then she has eyes like a cat which let her see in the dark, see farther, see in more detail, and just creep people out...
4. Cat Screech- Kat opens her mouth and takes a deep breath then yells as loud as she can and if used close to an enemy it could cause them to go deaf till the next day, or if not as far away cause great pain to the enemy as far as making there ears bleed.
5. Tail Whip- Kat can take her tail and use it to do just about anything from choking someone to slapping there face a lot.
6. cat doll substitution- Kat can use this to replace herself with a doll of a small cat.
7. Cats Summon- Kat dose a few hand seals then places her hand on the ground which summons out as many as 10 small cats that are calm until she tells them to kill... then they grow vicious and blood thirsty.

Kunai------------ 1 star *
Shuriken-------- 1 star *
Exploding Tag- 2 stars**
Wires------- ----- 2 stars **
Less weight----- 3 stars***
Ninja claws----- 3 stars***
Sword------------5 stars *****

Bio: Kat comes from a clan of Cat Shinobi and has a good personality and a good laugh. She is very pretty but doesn't like guys who hang all over her. She just about likes everyone but has one enemy... DOGS... well not really that's just what everyone thinks, she loves all animals but cats to most. In her free time she hangs at her place playing with her cats or takes them all for a walk or something.


A: 0
B: 0
C: 0
D: 0
S: 0

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PostSubject: Re: Kat Kineri   Kat Kineri I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 11, 2008 3:40 am

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Kat Kineri
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