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 Shuruni Lukirna

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Rikatu Shadow- Admin
Rikatu Shadow- Admin

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PostSubject: Shuruni Lukirna   Mon Aug 11, 2008 3:43 pm

Name: Shuruni Lukirna (Shur for short)
Age: 18

Rank: Chuunin
Village: Sound

Element: Sound

Bloodline: Shur can use her own body to create waves of sound. Each wave is encoded with chakra so it can do Physical Damage as well it needed. other wise it just hurts the enemy's scenes such as Sight, Hearing, Touch, Ect...

Curse Seal Level: CS1- She has the symbol of Energy on her left waist. The seals look like little bubbles all over her body...

Vibrating Sound Drill: A Ninjutsu technique which uses sound waves created by Shur's sound wave amplifiers to disrupt a persons inner ear. After the amplifier releases sound waves, Shur can aim the waves directly into the inner ear of his opponent. By disrupting the inner ear in this manner, the target loses their sense of balance and will likely vomit. If the opponent has their ears plugged, nothing will happen.

Sound Barrier: This ninjutsu is used rather oddly. Shur uses her amps to emit a great amount of sound waves, as they circle around herself, rapidly moving, so any incoming attacks would bounce off, or get catch in the rapidly moving currents of sound. This jutsu is a somewhat vulnerable to elemental attacks, depending on their level of power and chakra used.

Sound Blades: Shur uses her ability of sound, to focus sound chakra, and narrow it down into an arrow formation, and shoot it out at his enemies, at will. Shur's hand needs to be straight out, so that it has a path to follow. This jutsu can be used more than once with the formation of the one jutsu, by using more chakra.

Sound Clone: This clone is just a basic clone, but when struck with any force or dispelled it will emit out a sound wave, and anyone near its dispel will be effect by the waves force.


Sound Amplifier x2 ****-**** - Right and Left arms
Puppet******* -Her puppet is purely for attacking with sound. It dose regular Puppet things like shoot out kuni/shuriken and it comes apart, but she equipped it with sound manipulation items...

Bio: Shur come from a family of ninja just like everyone else with normal parents just like everyone else, has an older brother just like most kids and she had a normal life until last year.

Her brother Kinuto got chosen by Lord Orochimaru to be a test subject for one of his projects.... he died trying to run away from the village....


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PostSubject: Re: Shuruni Lukirna   Thu Oct 02, 2008 12:37 am

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Shuruni Lukirna
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