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 Kanshisha Uingu

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PostSubject: Kanshisha Uingu   Tue Aug 12, 2008 8:49 pm

Name: Kanshisha Uingu
Nickname: Uin

Age: 23

Rank: Chuunin

Appearance: Uin has light brown hair. His hair is medium length(think Kadaj but light brown). His eyes are pink, with black specks. He usually wears a burnt orange tank top, denim jeans, a leather jacket, and fingerless gloves.
Height: 6'
Weight: 165 lbs.

Village: Light

Exploding Tags**
Sound Bombs**
Metal Staff-Tejina*****(Only used when transformed)

Weapon Stars Used/Total Weapon Stars Available: 17/17

Hane Fukei
This bloodline translates to Winged Guardians. This bloodline allows Uin to transform into a powerful being known as a Winged Guardian. These beings are very powerful and allow Uin to perform jutsus he wouldn't usually be able to perform.
This is Uin's genin level transformation being's name. This being is known as the Winged Guardian of Light. When Uin transforms into Tomoshibi, many things happen. First, all of his clothes are covered in a layer of white chakra turning them white. Then his hair turns white. Then his eyes turn completely white. He also grows white wings that have a wing span of 6 feet.

Close Enough!

This Uin's chuunin level transformation being's name. This being is known as the Winged Guardian of Darkness. When Uin tranforms into Sumizome, all of the same things happen that happened with Tomoshibi, except everything goes black and the wings now havve a span of 8 feet.


Chiyu Hi(Healing Light): Uin aims Tejina above him and whispers Chiyu Hi. A ray of light then blasts on Uin, healing minor to above-moderate wounds.

Hi Keta(Light Beam): Uin aims Tejina above him and whispers Hi Keta. A ray of light then blasts on Uin's opponent, causing minor burns. The burns are extremely weak, only about a fourth the pain of first degree burns.

Hi Tama(Light Ball): Uin aims Tejina at his opponent He then gathers chakra into a ball at the end of Tejina. When there is enough chakra, Uin whispers Hi Tama and the ball lights up like the sun, causing extreme pain in anyone's eyes who see it.

Hi Shuuha(Light Wave): Uin whispers Hi Shuuha and slashes at the opponent. As Tejina goes through the air, a wave of light gathers where Tejina was. The wave then blasts at the opponent. The wave is as sharp as a sword.


Mei Danmaku(Dark Barrage): Uin starts slashing at the opponent and whispers Mei Danmaku. The slashes produce mini dark waves that fly at the opponent. They are much weaker versions of Hi Shuuha, but a lot more of them can be produced.

Anei Kerai(Shadow Servant): Uin whispers Anei Kerai and pounds Tejina on the ground. A ball of darkness appears and races toward the opponent. When it reaches the opponent it punches him/her twice and disappears. The punches are usually an uppercut and a punch in the stomach.

Anei Racchi(Shadow Latch): Uin aims Tejina at his opponent and whispers Anei Racchi. A blast of darkness shoots out of Tejina and latches onto his opponent. His opponent is paralyzed for two posts, which is when the shadow lets go.

Human Body

Fuzei Gai(Air Scythe): Uin whispers Fuzei Gai and slashes at the opponent. This jutsu is pretty much exactly the same as Hi Shuuha, but the wave is air and is sharper.

Hitoe Kuro-n(Simple Clone): Uin does three hand signs and summons a single clone of himself. The only thing it can't do is transform like the original Uin.

Human Body

Yottsu Dageki(Quad Strike): Uin unsheathes his sword and runs at the opponent. He than cuts at his chest, then his neck, kicks him in the knee and then in the stomach to send them flying.

Hishou Katto(Flying Cut): Uin runs at the opponent and then jumps in the air. While he is coming down he starts slashing at the opponent. Once he lands, he jumps back to see the damage he made.


Ankoku(Darkness): Uin whispers Ankoku and pounds Tejina on something that will make a loud noise. When the noise enters the opponents ear drums, the genjutsu begins. First, through the opponent's eyes, the world will seem to swirl about. Then all of the swirling will make the entire world go black. The only thing the opponent can see is him/herself. The genjutsu will last for 3 posts, or less if Uin calls off the jutsu. The jutsu has a range of 35 feet.

Jutsus Used/Total Jutsus Available: 17/17


Ever since Uin had been in the academy, things hadn't been good about his life. Everyone knew who and what he was and didn't like him. Many people shunned him, but others cheered for him for the same reason. He didn't know why people were like this until the day before he was to graduate.

>11 Years Earlier<

"Hey Uin! Wait up!" yelled a young boy.

"What do you want Choshi? I need to be ready for tomorrow!"

"But Uin, I need help with my shadow clone jutsu!"

"Let some sensei help you."

"But Uin!"

"Shut up!" That's when things changed forever. Uin had gotten mad at his so-called friend and couldn't control his anger. He, after saying shut up, transformed. He sprouted pure white wings and all of his clothes, eyes, and hair turned white. A staff had also appeared in his hands.

"Umm...help! Help! Monster!" A jounin woman that ran to see what was going on. She saw Uin and grabbed a pouch she always carried on her. She shoved the liquid that was inside into Uin's mouth. He instantly transformed back into a human.

"Come on Uin, we need to talk. Oh and I'm Yori." Yori grabbed Uin's hand and took him to an empty classroom. She beckoned him to sit and he did. "Now, let's see...where do I begin. I guess I could start saying you have the bloodline trait Hane Fukei, the most powerful bloodline in the hidden Light village. Hane Fukei allows you to transform into beings known as Winged Guardians. You transformed into Tomoshibi, the Winged Guardian of Light, back in the hallway. As you grow more powerful, you, and only you, will be able to learn...I think how to transform into one more Winged Guardian, Sumizome, the Winged Guardian of Darkness. Your father also told me...."

"My father? My father's dead!"

"I know, but he was my sensei. He is how I know about you. As I was saying, your father told me that you are a rare baby. He told me, that once you become strong enough, you will be able to unlock the power inside you to become the Winged Guardian of Power. You will not be able to transform into this being, because you are the being. Once you become stronger than me, you will be able to unlock the Winged Guardian of Power. Once you die, you will become the Guardian of Power and live as it for a long time. Now, no more talking, you graduate. You are the first of the Kanshisha clan to ever transform before they graduate, so congradulations. Here's your headband." She handed him his headband and he quickly put it on.

"Thank you." He then raced home.


Now Uin, as a chuunin, just practices his jutsus and waits until he can find the right person to battle with.

Become Jounin: Not Completed
Unlock the Winged Guardian of Power: Ongoing
Make Many Friends: Ongoing
Become a Sensei: Not Completed



S-Rank: 0
A-Rank: 0
B-Rank: 0
C-Rank: 0
D-Rank: 0

Total Missions Done: 0

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It looks great.

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Kanshisha Uingu
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