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 Village Alliances

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PostSubject: Village Alliances   Village Alliances I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 13, 2008 4:28 am

These are the village alliances. These are very important because if you are in a village and request a mission and a person from an allied village requests, you be paired up! And here they are:

Leaf Village is allied with: Snow, Cloud, Rain, and Mist Villages

Sand Village is allied with: Sound Village

Sound Village is allied with: Sand Village

Cloud Village is allied with: Leaf and Snow Villages

Snow Village is allied with: Leaf and Cloud Villages

Mist Village is allied with: Leaf and Rain Villages

Rain Village is allied with: Leaf and Mist Villages

Light Village is considered a Neutral Village. A person who requests in the Light village may be paired up with anyone from any village. This is because the Light village never gets on any of the other villages bad sides.

That is the alliances. This means as well that if you are from the Leaf village, you can not be paired up with someone from an unallied village, unless it is neutral.

-This is the Admin and i Approve this- "Rikatu"
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Village Alliances
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