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 Special Abilities (For those selected.)

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PostSubject: Special Abilities (For those selected.)   Wed Oct 01, 2008 9:56 pm

OK this is a new section to this site. Give us your opinions through PM. These skills are only for those selected. They don't take up a jutsu point. THESE WILL ONLY BE GIVEN OUT BY RIKATU OR ANYONE HE DELEGATES TO. There will be more as the site progresses. Rikatu will approve any new ideas. IF he likes them they will be added to this section. You may request them after a certain amount of missions, or they might be given out as a prize.

Shining Aru: You make a hole in your hand and summon the energy from Chakra and sends it into pure light. It is very hot and powerful. It has the ability to shatter things by spreading the energy out everywhere. But you cannot use any jutsu, bloodline, or chakra while using it.

Upside- A massive burst of damage.
Downside- Slow healing self mutilation. Low chakra afterward.

Chakra Empathy: The user takes the chakra signature from one user and uses it to gain some characteristic from the user. Sometimes it can be bad things such as weight or overreaction to things. Or good things such as physical traits or chakra energy bursts.

Upside- Different abilities.
Downside- Chakra signature is changed making it more difficult to use your own jutsus.
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Special Abilities (For those selected.)
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