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 Mephistus Crowe

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PostSubject: Mephistus Crowe   Mephistus Crowe I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 02, 2008 12:58 am

Name: Mephistus Crowe (Nickname Mephis)
Age: 15
Appearance: Lanky, Six feet tall. Skinny, weight 130 lbs. Shoulder length dark hair and brown eyes. Tan skin. Large bow that is always with him and a quiver that is loaded with arrows. Also has a small pouch for spikes and shuriken. Two inch purple scar on stomach. Appears cold uncaring and emotionless because loss of control usually leads to someone getting hurt.
Rank: Genin
Village: Mist

Bloodline Wind sight/Control level 1 (Can see how every wind current no matter how small. Can manipulate these currents to alter the course and speed of things thrown or fired. The faster the object is moving the harder it is to control. Can also be used to relay light messages over long distances. Able to use it for slightly enhanced speed until more chakra control is gained. Also able to attatch small amounts of wind chakra to weapons. Because of the unstable nature of the wind being controlled lots of chakra is drained in an effort to change anything.)

Bloodline release level 2: (locked until chuunin)

Bloodline release level 3: (locked until jounin)

Final bloodline release: (locked until S rank)

1. Famokushi no Jutsu-Farsight Jutsu (Using the wind currents and how they react around objects can "see" things from far away.)

2. Soukutsu Genkaku-Haunting Illusion ( Genjutsu. Effects Hearing. A spike is thrown with chakra attatched if it hits they start to hear screaming like someone close to them is being hurt and the screaming goes on until the jutsu wears off.Lasts 2 posts. max range 20 feet.7 hand signs to infuse needle with chakra. Serpent, Tiger,Monkey,Horse,Dog,Tiger,Dragon.)

3. Trump Meimei Ya no Jutsu-Invisible Arrow Jutsu ( focusing the chakra around an arrow it is fired from the bow and continues in a straight line. To anyone but the user it appears as if he loaded nothing into the bow. Can be avoided if they are quick enough to realize that it can only go straight. 3 hand seals to activate. Monkey,Tiger,Rat.)

4. Genkaku Ya no Jutsu-Illusory Arrow Jutsu (Genjutsu. Effects touch. Chakra is focused on a shuriken. If it hits the opponent starts to feel like he is being hit by multiple arrows immobilizing him. As the jutsu continues on it feels like more arrows are hitting.Max range 10 feet. lasts one post. 4 hand seals to focus chakra on the shuriken. Dragon,Monkey,Bird,horse.)

5. Ya Ame no Jutsu-Arrow Rain Jutsu (Genjutsu. Effects sight. A powder infused with chakra is sent out up to 15 feet away with a 3 foot radius. If inhaled it activates. They see a wall of arrows flying at them, and lose control of their body as they try to dodge them.Lasts one post.)

Advanced Bow-- 7 stars*******
Shuriken--------1 star *
Shinobi Spikes--2 stars**

Because of his size he was mocked saying he wouldn't be a useful ninja because he was easy to hit. He vowed to prove them wrong. Even though he was big he was stealthy able to sneak up on people without even going out of his way to be quiet. No one knows where he came from. He was found abandoned on his adoptive parents doorstep. They treated him like their own son. One day the children were teasing him about his size and how he would never be a ninja. To prove their point they threw rocks at him. Only one of them hit him, for reasons he learned later, and he lost control. All the chakra he could have possibly released ran from his body and created a bubble of destructive wind destroying his home his adoptive parents and the kids that were teasing him. ANBU later found him in a crater of rock and decided to send him to the academy in hopes of using his ability to defend the mist village. Mephistus decided that because of his size and bloodline trait he would focus in ranged weaponry and genjutsu.

Goals: Red-done Black-not started blue-in progress
Master bloodline
Learn My Family's ultimate ninjutsu
Find family
Get Weak CS
Get CS Lvl 1
Get CS Lvl 2
Get CS Advanced
Become Chuunin
Become Jounin
Become Elite Jounin
Become S Rank


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PostSubject: aproved   Mephistus Crowe I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 02, 2008 12:59 am

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Mephistus Crowe
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