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 Kaito Baalheit

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PostSubject: Kaito Baalheit   Kaito Baalheit I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 11, 2008 10:14 pm

Name: Kaito Baalheit
Age: 15
Appearance and/or physical traits: He is 5ft 8in, and skinny. He has light blond hair and blue eyes. He always has a determaned face on.
Chakra type: Lightning
Rank: genin
Village: Sand


Full moon-(Mangetsu) : Powerfull static electricty engulfs his hands, followed by 5 powerful punches to various pressure points on the enemy.

Waxing Crecent moon-(Engetsu no Elki): An uppercut knocks the enmy into the air, he then jumps in the air and delevers a chakra infused kick downword onto the enemy.

Blue moon-(Aoi no Tsuki): A single punch infused with electricty that numbs the enemy for a short amount of time.

New moon-(Hatsu no Tsuki): Runs around in a circle leaving chakra imprints of his body behind as he runs, this confuses the enemy long enough for him to get behind them and deliver whatever atack he sees fit.

Sand Hurricane-(Suna no Shippuu): A common Taijutsu move used in many villiages (goes by many names). He jumps forword and spins in the air kicking the enemy somtimes knocking him down.

Waning Crescent Moon-(Gengetsu no Elki): A straightforward taijutsu using the wrist dagger. First you charge chakra into the blade. then you rush in close and perform an downward slash knocking the enemy to the ground.

Blood Moon-(Chishio no Tsuki): First you charge chakra in your feet. Jumping high into the air you spin once right before you bring your foot down hard on their skull.

Dark Moon-(Kuro no Tsuki): When the enemy is on the ground (or against a solid object), charge your fists with lightning chakra and thrust your arms forward as hard as you can.

TRUMP Total Eclipse-(Kaikishoku): Electricty engulfs the whole body. He the knocks the enemy high into the air. Jumps up and focuses all his energy on the end of his wrist dagger, then stabs them releasing it all at once.

Weapons: Wrist dagger *****
Shuriken *
Kunai *
Exploding Tag **
Needles *
Bio: The son of the sand villiages once proud ninja known as the Black Panther of the sand. His father was once of the most powerful ninja of the sand, but was shamed after failing the most important mission the sand had ever receved. Ever since then his family name has been discraced. It was the hatred of his family caused the death of his father. He was poisned in his sleep, ever since then Kaito has sought revenge on his father's killers. And has strived to redeem his family name. He now weilds the wrist dagger his father once used, and has sought to become a tijutsu master like his father.

Friends/goals: Friends _____________________ Goals
Mephistus Crowe_________________ Avenge Fathers death
Missions: D: none __________________ Redeem famliy name
__________________________________ Become S rank
C: none

B: none

A: none

S: none
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PostSubject: Re: Kaito Baalheit   Kaito Baalheit I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 11, 2008 10:16 pm

Profile Accepted
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Kaito Baalheit
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